Company History

African Tanacity Pty Ltd’s history echoes a unique Southern African culture of diversity. South Africa is one of the well-known places with a rich and extraordinaire heritage. Our natural resources provide a distinct, passionate African genre of different people from all walks of life where every single heart has bled in our strife for growth and where we all blend well into one, unified African heart. Like our wines, our grapes and olives are picked, gathered and handled with tender and great care. Always, with great African Tanacity authenticity. Every bottle and jar resemble a unique grapevine and/or olive, resonating a bouquet, hinting our rich African heritage of struggling relationships leading into this magnificent, gigantic heart where every child has a place of care and love. What have we learnt from our past? Love changes everything.

This is where African Tanacity Pty Ltd tells a story in every glass. Throughout all our ranges, every single range has been individually selected, curated and transformed from our boutique wines, or craft selection of alcoholic beverages. To Michelle, it’s not about the bottle or the content. It’s about what happened before it was bottled. For this reason, she also hand-packages every range to represent to you, Africa’s pain and glory story, the beats of nations, only Africans feel and know. Now, you too can experience that.

Our story started in 2018, when Michelle Van Zyl had the vision to build African Tanacity into an international-standard sales and distribution birthplace of the African story, portraying the heartfelt of our people. In our story, Michelle revives our similarities in oneness and heralds our heritage in differences through all the ranges forming a unique bouquet of palates. Every wine, every olive, uniquely packaged in unique elegances. At African Tanacity, we are proud, we are African.