Wine and Craft spirits sales & distribution company

Klawer Wine Cellars nestles itself in breathtaking beauty and diversity. Its tapestry threads the Klawer cellars from the Maskam mountain in the east of the Namaqualand to the Olifants River region in the west.

Amongst the other ranges, Klawer Wine Cellars produces our distinct Sparkling Michelle flagship wines always sparkles at every occasion. Both our ladies and gentlemen customers celebrate extraordinary experiences with our Sparkling Michelle represents a vibrant, sparkling palate complementing exceptional celebrations of enjoyment.

Klawer Wine Cellar Range includes:




Cabernet Sauvignon

Klawer Chenin Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc

Klawer Sweet Rose

Sparkling Michelle – Sparkling Rose

Villa Espotso

In 1914, Italian Louis Theodore Esposto arrived from Italy to help build the water canal Bulshoek dam. Known as the “water fountain” this canal provides water to all the vineyards in the region.

The Villa Espotso Range includes:



Chenin Blanc

Muscat’dÁlexandrie Straw Wine