Blomendahl Distillery

The Blomendahl Family’s agricultural tradition in Europe dates back to 1185. This is when the first certified mention of the Blomendahl Family farm was made. To this day, the farm is still run by the Blomendahl Family. Over the centuries the Blomendahl name has taken many forms including Blommentall, Blumenthal and Blomendale, but made its way back to the original Blomendahl. Descendants have, over the years, spread to multiple different continents. FJ Blomendahl and family, made their way to the beautiful South Africa from Germany in 2003. To this day, Blomendahl family are still producing wines and spirits in Germany and South Africa.

Blomendahl Vineyards is one of very few wine and spirits producers who combine such a level of international expertise with the unique vineyards of South Africa, rendering a flexibility that creates a competitive edge.

The ‘B’ is the signature of founder, FJ Blomendahl and consequently the seal and logo. The feather represents their painstaking accuracy. Blomendahl spirits are handcrafted in small batches using their own organic grapes and lemons, combined with herbs and spices. The father and son team personally ensure that their high-quality standards are followed every step of the way.

Years of knowledge and experience have taught them that first-class spirits require the best ingredients, excellent water and precise distilling equipment. Therefore, they only use the highest quality ingredients, their own mountain spring water and a custom-built 1000L Kothe copper potstill to craft their premium spirits.

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