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African Tanacity is a Sales and Distribution company specialising in Exclusive Boutique Wine and Craft Spirits. We strive to introduce our customers to the hidden jewels of the best selection of Boutique Wineries and Craft Distillers.

  • African Tanacity is home to many of South Africa’s leading and best-loved boutique wines and craft spirits.
  • Our extensive portfolio includes more than 120 brands and spans a range of different categories.
  • Our single minded purpose is the growth and development of our brand exposure to the market.
  • We have embarked on the export market to China, Hong Kong and various countries on the African continent.
  • African Tanacity prides itself with its own Import and Export License.
  • Our company’s warehouse is based in Centurion.

Capturing the luscious taste of chocolate and pairing it with distinct flavours, Baroq Chocolate Liqueur balances chocolate with natural flavours to create delicious liqueurs. Inspired by the universal desire for decadent and indulgent experiences, this exceptional, premium line of chocolate liqueurs offers a unique option for any occasion.

Blakes Family Wines


Owners Andries & Marinda Blake have a commitment to quality and are passionate about crafting exceptional wines. They nurture their wines and create gems. This philosophy has led to naming their two flag ship blends after semi-precious stones – Tourmaline and Amethyst. Blake Family Wines focus on top quality, family produced boutique wine from the sought after Swartland region. Andries knows the terroir very well, as he has been a wine maker in the Swartland area since 1995. This enables him to source top quality grapes from selected vineyards from the heart of the Swartland. The terroir has proven to be ideal for the cultivation of bush vine vineyards and for crafting exceptional wines.

Blomendahl Distillery


Blomendahl Vineyards is one of very few wine and spirits producers who combine such a level of international expertise with the unique vineyards of South Africa, rendering a flexibility that creates a competitive edge.

The ‘B’ is the signature of founder, FJ Blomendahl and consequently the seal and logo. The feather represents their painstaking accuracy. Blomendahl spirits are handcrafted in small batches using their own organic grapes and lemons, combined with herbs and spices. The father and son team personally ensure that their high-quality standards are followed every step of the way.

Years of knowledge and experience have taught them that first-class spirits require the best ingredients, excellent water and precise distilling equipment. Therefore, they only use the highest quality ingredients, their own mountain spring water and a custom-built 1000L Kothe copper potstill to craft their premium spirits.



BreWine SA is the brainchild of a man who unexpectedly lost his job and had to come up with plan quickly – and a good one at that! Brewine produces a variety of novel (and interesting) alcoholic beverages including wines and craft drinks.

BreWine was the door that opened when the other one shut. Creating incredible wines & beverages – with so much story and character – it’ll blow your mind!

BreWine offers wine-loving and life-embracing consumers a variety of unique and conversation-generating wines. These products include their interesting SONDER range of wines and the FLAWSOME range of wines, both packed with stories of their own.

Cronier Wines


Each wine produced by Cronier Wines tells a proud story of specially selected grapes and meticulous wine making methods. You can taste the rewards in every bottle. We have crafted different ranges to suit a variety of palates and pockets – ensuring that there is a bottle from Cronier Wines to suit every occasion. “We are passionate about our products and aim to build long-term relationships with our clients. We aim to introduce our fine wines to as many people as possible, through a combination of enhanced quality, creative marketing, innovative pricing and cost efficiency.”



Gin’ugtig, what a mission! – Literally started brewing this baby in our garage from scratch and now we have this lekker small batch gin! This gin can be enjoyed by a braai and a more tight event, super flexible. Be classy, but stay lekker né?

Zesty Citrus 9 Botanical Gin ~ Aromatic pink grapefruit zest and sweet orange zest dominate, with light coriander and juniper notes.

Wildly Floral 9 Botanical Gin ~ The Wildly Floral has Parma violets and honeysuckle flavours dominating the palate, therefore providing sweetness and a silky-smooth mouthfeel.

Mzansi Spice 8 Botanical Gin ~ The Mzanzi Spice has a floral fragrance and spicy notes of cinnamon with light peppery notes from cubed berries, a fresh burst of lemony coriander and soft juniper.

Gin’ugtig Botanical Gins are available in 50ml & 750ml.

INAH Superior Grape Juice


Inah Superior Products prides themselves on being the pioneers in producing a grape juice with the complexity of wine. They strive to produce a range of prestigious juices that reach out to wine drinkers and non wine drinkers alike, by taking the benefits of wine and making juice that reaches to to all people, irrespective of medical conditions or religious convictions.

Using the Thermo Flash extraction process they are able to release into a juice what was previously only possible in wines through fermentation. Now there is a juice with the complexity of wine with absolutely no alcohol.

• Certified Halaal •
• No Alcohol •
• No Added Sugar •

• No Additives •
• No Artificial Flavouring •
• No Preservatives

Click here for more info and availability of Inah Superior Grape Juices

Klawer Cellars


Klawer is the gateway to the floral abundance of Namaqualand. From the Maskammountain in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west the Olifants River region’s mild winters & fresh unspoiled country air allow our winemakers to craft wines of singular quality and outstanding character. This range is value for money and represents the cultivars of our region. The cellars aim is to produce top quality wines through the limited production of cultivars such as Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinotage. The Klawer wines include a comprehensive variety of dry whites and reds, as well as sparkling wine, semi-sweet, Late Harvest, Special Late Harvest and dessert wines.


Kloovenburg Wines


In 1997, Pieter du Toit, his sons and a few friends made Kloovenburg’s first wine, a Pinotage. They didn’t have a destemmer or crusher, so they had to use their hands to remove the berries from the stems and stomp it with their feet to break the skins. The juice was transferred to the Stellenbosch University to be inoculated, fermented and matured. The wine was bottled unfiltered and by hand. Only 200 bottles were produced.
In 1998, Pieter made 10 tons of Shiraz and 10 tons of Pinotage at another facility. This was the first wine to be released under the Kloovenburg label. In 2000, Pieter build the cellar and made his own wine. The cellar has a capacity of 200 tons.


Michele d'Or


Michele d’Or
Product of the Fort Simon Wine Estate

“Our success in winemaking rests upon our solid foundation in cultivating grapes”
Fort Simon, established in 1997 in commemoration of the hard work & passion invested in the estate by Dr. Simon Uys. The maiden vintages were produced in 1998 and consisted of two cultivars, Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot/Pinotage blend, the latter earning the estate’s first Veritas Double Gold Medal. The cellar is housed in a fort overlooking vineyards, designed and built in 1997 by Renier Uys, the youngest son of Dr.Uys. The cellar’s building style was inspired by the German outpost architecture of Namibia, resembling a fort complete with towers, merlons, and arrow slits. The cellar can produce 900 tons of wine per annum.


Roxi's Spirits


Roxi’s Spirits is a range of exceptional Gins crafted by Master Distiller Franz Josef Blomendahl, his son Benedikt.
Roxi’s Botanical Gin received the Michelangelo Platinum Award 2019 prior to our official launch. This makes it among the best Gins in South Africa and the World even before it was seen on the shelves.
The range is completed with the powerful Roxi’s Spice Gin and as well with the elegant Roxi’s Vine Blossom Gin.

“It is our mission to mirror the smell, taste and natural beauty of South Africa in these Gins.”
Produced and bottled by Blomendahl Winery and Distillery.

Seven Springs Vineyard


Seven Springs Vineyard is a premium wine producer, situated on the R320 Hemel en Aarde Valley road, between the seaside town of Hermanus and the spa town of Caledon, in the picturesque Western Cape, South Africa.

The vineyard nestles between Shaws Mountain to the north and the Teslaarsdal Mountain Range to the south, with Walker Bay and the Atlantic Ocean beyond these mountains.
It is this oceanic influence, coupled with our shale derived soils, known locally as Bokkeveld Shale, that gives our vines the potential to produce exceptional grapes from both north and south-facing vineyards.

Noble varieties, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Pinot Noir, have been planted to express the full potential of each cultivar.

Slanghoek Wine Cellar


Established in 1951, Slanghoek Cellar is situated in the picturesque Slanghoek Valley, 800m above sea level, surrounded by the majestic Slanghoek Mountains from which the cellar derives its name. Slanghoek Cellar has 25 members and the present Chairman is IF v/d M du Toit. The cellar is a mere 20km from Worcester and 90km from Cape Town.

The valley’s geographic position, fertile, varied soils and microclimate are reflected in the unique character of Slanghoek’s renowned and prize-winning red, white, sparkling, dessert wines and port.


Vrede en Lust


Vrede en Lust is nestled at the foothills of the Simonsberg in South Africa’s most celebrated Franschhoek wine valley. The history of the farm dates back to 1688 and discloses a story of vision, passion and pride.

Vrede en Lust is a family owned and managed wine estate.
They offer award-winning boutique wines renowned for their outstanding balance, elegance and reflection of terroir. These wines originate from their vineyards in the Paarl, Simonsberg-Paarl and Elgin areas.

The Boet Erasmus 2015, an elegant new-world style Bordeaux blend was awarded the 2019 National Wine Challenge as a Double Gold Winner. The 2016 Boet Erasmus received the Top 100 & Double Platinum award at the 2020 National Wine Challenge. Boet Erasmus was Dana & Etienne Buys’ maternal grandfather. He played a major role in their lives and also introduced them to fine wines. It should therefore come as no surprise that the Vrede en Lust flagship red wine was named after this remarkable man.


Winkelshoek Cellars


A farm built on decades of rich history, famous for its fertile soil, picturesque views and award-winning wines.

A century ago on the farm Winkelshoek, about 30km North of Piketberg, the Hanekom family’s colorful history started. Newly married J.C.H (Jan) Hanekom worked as a sojourner on the farm. In 1904 he obtained lease rights and farmed tobacco. Gradually he began to establish vineyards. The location is hot and grapes achieved high sugars that are ideal for sweeter wine cultivars. In 1918 he sets up a small cellar and buys nine wine barrels at cooper F.S. Smith. The first winemaker in the family tree is born!

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