BreWine SA is the brainchild of a man who unexpectedly lost his job and had to come up with plan quickly – and a good one at that! Brewine produces a variety of novel (and interesting) alcoholic beverages including wines and craft drinks.

BreWine was the door that opened when the other one shut. Creating incredible wines & beverages – with so much story and character – it’ll blow your mind!

BreWine offers wine-loving and life-embracing consumers a variety of unique and conversation-generating wines. These products include their interesting SONDER range of wines and the FLAWSOME range of wines, both packed with stories of their own.

One of our products, namely our FLAWSOME range of wines, represents the empowering and transformational beauty of looking past an imperfection or a flaw (as it would ordinarily be termed) and turning it into something exceptionally impressive and respected!

– a flaw, turned awesome. Our Flawsome range of wines depict an image of the Kintsugi art form. This is also where we draw our inspiration, and from that we share a powerful message.

Flawsome is about: Acknowledging your flaws and knowing that you are awesome regardless.

FLAWSOME – Sauvignon Blanc
Typical cool climate sauvignon blanc produced in the overberg region. Expressing tropical,gooseberry flavours with hints of Asparagus. Medium to full bodied wine with a lingering after taste that will inspire you to take more than one sip.

Luscious dark fruit flavours of plum and cherries complimented by subtle oak nuances. Full bodied wine with a aging potential of 5 to 7 years. The wine is a blend between cooler and warmer vine growing areas providing the consumer the best of both worlds.

The Sonder range of wines (aka “those cute doggy label wines”) are lifestyle wines with character! Made to enjoy with healthy doses of humour & a definite “don’t give a sip” attitude!

We are extremely proud to share that BOTH of our Brewine (Sonder Range) wines, namely our “Dog eat dog” red blend & “Starting from scratch” white wine, have scooped up GOLD in the recent Ultra Value Wine Awards!

SONDER – Dry Red
A genourous red with dark fruit avours dancing in the glass with a hint of oak rounding off this work of art. This Shiraz Cabernet blend is well balanced and lingering and will denitely be a point of conversation at the dinner table.
Dominant Flavours – Dark fruit flavours | hint of oak.

SONDER – Dry White
This Chenin dominated blend will denitely make you scratch your head. Tropical, guava and papaya avours complimenting each other in this medium bodied wine ment for enjoyment alongside the pool or with food. Do not scratch your head to long to decide how you would like to enjoy this wonderful wine. When in doubt sip!
Dominant Flavours – Tropical Flavours

SONDER Wines are about a journey.

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