Collection: Faxe Beer

Faxe Brewery is a Danish brewery located in the town of Faxe. The brewery was founded in 1901 by Nikoline and Conrad Nielsen. It was called Fakse Dampbryggeri, but after her husband's death, Nikoline christened the brewery Faxe Bryggeri. And it is best known for its strong export beers. In 1989 Faxe Bryggeri merged with Bryggerigruppen, which later developed into Royal Unibrew. It is known around Germany for its 5% 1 litre cans, North America for its 8% and 10% 500mL cans, and Denmark, where it is produced, especially in Norway and Greenland. In addition to beer, it produces soft drinks such as Faxe Kondi, Nikoline, Ceres Red Soda, Thor Passion, Albani Tonic Water and PepsiMountain Dew7UP and Mirinda by license from USA