Harmony Distillery Profile

Harmony Distillery

The Harmony Distillery was the first South African Distillery to produce two unique handcrafted gins using Honeybush (Cyclopia spp.) as the signature ingredient for the first and Aloe ferox for the second. Harmony’s flagship gin, the Honeybush gin was the first gin distilled at Harmony. It is made from 10 botanicals, including the finest honeybush tea leaves.

Another first for South Africa, was our award-winning Aloe Ferox gin. Aloe Ferox is an uniquely African plant. This gin is vapour infused with the Aloe Ferox to create a sweet aroma and a dry feel on the palate.

We are also proud to have won awards for our traditional-style Old Tom gin. This has been a renowned recipe since it was popular in 18th-century England. Old Tom gin is a sweeter, yet dry, gin made from lesser botanicals than other gins.

Honeybush (Cyclopia spp.), the key ingredient in our flagship gin, is an indigenous herbal tea from South Africa and is known for its pleasant sweet taste and flavour. It grows in the fynbos biome (which is recognised as one of the six botanical kingdoms of the world) in a region along the coast, surrounded by mountain ranges. The plant was first noted in botanical literature in 1705 and there is evidence that the Khoisan of the Cape used the tea for the treatment of coughs and other upper respiratory symptoms associated with infections. Today, honeybush is world-renowned for its health benefits.

Harmony Aloe Ferox gin uses 10 fragrant botanicals as part of its recipe, with Southern Africa’s own Aloe Ferox as the main ingredient. The Aloe Ferox plant has a sweet aroma and classically dry feel on the palate, this bitterly beautiful gin creates a well-rounded and flavourful drinking experience – with an African twist. Aloe Ferox is renowned for its medicinal purposes and is often used to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate. This plant grows in abundance in the Garden Route Region and close to the farm.

The Harmony Distillery is continuously experimenting with a wide range of botanicals such as grains of paradise, liquorice and orris root to find new combinations and expand our range of handcrafted spirits.

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