Blomendahl Single Malt Whiskey 750ml – Limited Edition


Blomendahl Single Malt Whisky

This first batch release of the Blomendahl Whisky is a triple single malt – Single Batch, Single Barrel & Single Malt. Lovingly distilled in our custom-built copper potstill and aged for over 3 years in a 50L barrel that was specifically crafted for this whisky. This small barrel gives the whisky a superb flavour profile of sweet vanilla and delicate caramel to complement its malty character.

Our limited-edition whisky is meant for sipping neat or on the rocks.

Alc. 43%
Volume 750 ml

“We know that first-class spirits require the best ingredients, excellent water and precise distilling equipment. Therefore, we only use highest quality ingredients, our own mountain spring water and a custom-built 1000L Kothe copper potstill to craft our premium spirits.

Our custom Kothe copper pot still ensures that the distillate for the spirits is of a very high quality. The characteristic of a Kothe pot still is a combination of efficiency, stability and shape. The shape of the pot still causes a continuous heating and a low rate of foam. Therefore, it is possible to create the best possible distillate.”


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