Luxury Beauty Gift Set by Kloovenburg


This Kloovenburg Gift Box is filled with:

  • Kloovenburg Foam Bath
  • Kloovenburg Body Butter
  • Kloovenburg Hand & Body Lotion
  • Kloovenburg Nail Treatment
  • Kloovenburg Lip Balm
  • 1 x Gift Box
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This Kloovenburg Gift Box is filled with:

  • 1 x Olive Leaf Extract Foam Bath – Poured liberally into warm water, Kloovenburg Olive Leaf Foam Bath envelops you in a calming lather enriched with olive oil, olive leaf extract and vitamin E.
  • 1 x Body Butter – A firm favourite in Kloovenburg’s Olive Oil luxury body range, the Kloovenburg Olive Oil Body Butter in its generous pot is a highly absorbent, lightly scented treat. Extra-virgin olive oil makes up fully a third of the ingredients, and it’s enriched with shea butter to ensure a therapeutic beauty treatment that will nourish your skin without leaving any sticky residue. Its subtle scent won’t clash with your favourite perfume.
  • 1 x Olive Oil Hand & Body Lotion – For an after-shower treat that is light and nourishing on the skin, Kloovenburg’s Olive Oil Hand and Body Lotion can’t be beaten. Mixed to a lighter recipe than the richer Olive Oil Body Butter, the quickly-absorbed Body Lotion is subtly scented with the clean notes of vanilla, leaving your skin feeling fresh and supple. In its strong but elegant black packaging, this sturdy tube will be as comfortable in your handbag as on your dresser.
  • 1 x 10ml Olive Oil Nail Treatment – The healing properties of extra-virgin olive oil come into their own in this tiny gem with its dropper-top. Dripped onto the nailbed and massaged in, Kloovenburg’s Olive Oil Nail Treatment promotes healthy, strong nail growth. Essential oils complement the restorative properties of the finest-grade olive oil, and the dark glass bottle preserves these precious qualities. This is the treatment to ensure nails that won’t chip or crack and for cuticles that are well nourished and supple.
  • 1 x Olive Oil Lip Balm – Good things come in small packages, and this elegant little pot of Olive Oil Lip Balm, with added beeswax and cocoa butter, is creator Annalene du Toit’s response to a need for an all natural, anti-allergenic product. Her allergy to nuts drove her to find an alternative to the widely available nut-oil based lip balms, and this light-golden coloured gem with its soft texture is what every woman (and man) needs tucked away in a handy pocket somewhere.
  • 1 x Gift Box


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