Pearls Balsamic Vinegar White


Our White Balsamic Vinegar filled Pearls are simply gorgeous. They are slightly sweeter in taste and adds a lovely touch to your cuisine. It has a lingering taste which leaves you wanting more. Use these Pearls in anything you would typically use Vinegar on. Fancy Schmancy makes liquid filled Pearls. Yes! That is correct. We can take pretty much any liquid and transform it into a gorgeous Pearl. These products are unique and really makes your food dishes and drinks look ‘Fancy’! 370g

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Serving suggestions for the vinegars include Pizza’s, Salads, Canapes, Quiches, Pastas. You can use our Pearls in anything you can put your creative mind to. Host your dinner parties and impress your guests, or simply add them for your own enjoyment.We use only the finest ingredients to create these Pearls, and you will be left wanting more. These Pearls are a great compliment in cuisines and drinks you would typically use the original in and they taste magnificent. Each bite releases the taste of the liquid within, allowing you to enjoy your food or drink, without overwhelming it.

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