Roxi's Spirits - Range of Botanical Gins

ROXI`S Gin starting with a bang! It was an extraordinary launch. Roxi’s Botanical Gin received the exceptional Michelangelo Platinum Award 2019 prior to our official launch. This makes it among the best Gins in South Africa and the World even before it was seen on the shelves.

The range is completed with the powerful Roxis Spice Gin and as well with the elegant Roxis Vine Blossom Gin.

The three gins have been created in honour of the horse Roxi. Master distillers FJ and Benedikt Blomendahl created the gin recipes in 2019 for Michaela, an enthusiastic tournament rider. She named the gins after her extraordinary horse.

Who is Roxi?
Roxi is a fierce and powerful horse living in the Cape Mountains overlooking the False Bay. She is a very important part of the live from Michaela Beckler who immigrated to South Africa 10 years ago with her mare Roxi.
Roxi is the first horse to have a Gin named after her with her face being eternalised as the logo of ROXI’S GIN.

With every full sized bottle sold, ROXI`S Gin contributes a portion of the profits to different animal welfares to help animals in need.

Roxi's Botanical Gin

This award-winning gin allows you to experience the Cape region’s botanical diversity and refreshing spirit through the aromas of fynbos and hints of citrus. It is handcrafted in the heart of the fynbos region, Cape Town. Double Gold at the 2020 Craft Gin Awards! The Michelangelo Platinum Award Winner 2019. Alc. 43% Volume 750 ml

Roxi's Spice Gin

A spice gin with flavours of Moroccan pepper, black caraway and cinnamon all balanced with a hint of orange to create a powerful yet smooth Cape Dry Gin. Roxi's Spice Gin received the spice gin trophy at SA Craft Gin in 2021. Best in category Spice SA Craft Gin Awards 2021. Gold at the 2020 Craft Gin Awards! Alc. 43% Volume 750 ml

Roxi's Vine Blossom Gin

This elegant gin, with diverse and balanced floral notes, allows you to experience the rich floral diversity of Africa. It is delicately infused with roses, lavender, saffron and hand-picked vine blossoms for an elegant and smooth finish. Double Gold at the 2020 Craft Gin Awards! Alc. 43% Volume 750 ml

“We are very proud to have the remarkable family-owned and award-winning Blomendahl Winery and Distillery by our side to produce our hand crafted and small batch Gins.”

The Master Distiller Franz Josef Blomendahl, with over 35 years of experience, and his son Benedikt, being the youngest distiller and winemaker, together crafted these incredible Gins.

“It is our mission to mirror the smell, taste and natural beauty of South Africa in these Gins.”

Produced and bottled by Blomendahl Winery and Distillery, Elgin

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