Welcome to the March 2022 Edition of The Wine Club @ African Tanacity!

Welcome to the March 2022 Edition of The Wine Club @ African Tanacity!
Thank you to those that have already joined The Wine Club. Your support has been incredible and we appreciate it immensely.

The significant support from our Wine Producers and Craft Distillers has made it possible for us to launch our unique Wine Club. The Wine Club powers the entire Wine Show engine. We are delighted to share with you that The Wine Club @ African Tanacity has extended its investment to providing a full time exhibition of unique wines for a further two years which we will review at the end 2023.

We are excited to expand and enhance valuable content partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, including South African Wine Tasting Championships, #SAWine Showcase, Proudly South African and Platters Wine Guide.

Our core aim is always to provide a platform for important industry initiatives to reach a consumer audience, and we will be announcing additions to the 202 program in due course.

One of our most exciting additions for 2022 will be the introduction of an elegant yet unpretentious five-course food and wine pairing. It is our ongoing aim to educate South African wine consumers in fun and exciting ways to enjoy and appreciate fine wine. The food-wine pairing was enthusiastically received, and we look forward to developing the experience further for a broader audience in 2022 with the South African Sommeliers Association (SASA) and various other bodies.

We remain committed to uplifting the South African Wine Industry by actively promoting a transformative agenda.

To those that have not yet joined The Wine Club @ African Tanacity, we hope to see you on our subscribers list soon. If you need any info or would like to find out more, feel free to contact us via the links below.
Remember, Life is too short to drink bad wine!

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