About Us

Who is African Tanacity?

We are a sales & distribution, logistics, and warehousing company, located in the the heart of Gauteng, Centurion and we have a second branch in the Western Cape.

Wines success requires more than producing an excellent product. Our deep understanding of distributing, marketing and getting the perfect placement of wines and craft spirits on the shelves has ensured we have every connection covered.

The intricate process that ensures they reach the glasses of consumers is one requiring strong relationships and years of experience.

We specialize in various Boutique Wines, Spirits, Olive products and dry goods in the FMCG sector from all around South Africa. We strive to bring your product, the Winemakers, Distillers and producers onto the table of the consumer.

About African Tanacity

Our journey began in 2018, when founder, Michelle Van Zyl, had the vision to build African Tanacity into a Sales and Distribution Company of international standards.

Success was rewarded early in August 2019, when Michelle was awarded 2nd prize for South African Small Business start-up women owned business 2019.

In 2023, African Tanacity partnered with Elite Summit Holdings to expand and grow its footprint into the rest of Africa and International Market.

In our story, our passion revives our similarities in oneness and heralds our heritage in differences through the range of quality Boutique wines and Craft Spirits.

African Tanacity is one of the first, 51% blacked owned and 54% female-owned and managed sales and distribution companies with a BBBEE level 2 status.

Our Values

Our Vision at African Tanacity is to touch the rest of the world with our African cultural heritage experiences: by providing the best quality boutique wines, craft spirits to the rest of Africa.

We also participate in the sales, distribution, cellar management of the best quality olive products, sauces and dry goods. Always with the aim of meeting, and even exceeding, our customers’ expectations.

Global Growth

At African Tanacity, we pride ourselves in being African. We are proud to serve our customers quality class in every glass. As brand ambassadors for various Boutique Wineries and Craft Distillers, our aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We have thus embarked upon the export market to China, Hong Kong and various other emerging markets throughout the African continent.

Our vision is to give the rest of the world a taste of African cultural heritage. We aim to do this by providing experiences that incorporate the best quality Boutique Wines and Craft Spirits.
African Tanacity has the added advantage of having its own Import & Export license.

Our company’s head office and warehouse is based in Centurion, and we have a second brand in the Western Cape.

Professionalism: our dedication to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Commitment: we commit to ensure a speedy and reliable service to our customers.

Integrity: we trust our suppliers as our customers trust us through maintaining transparent and honest business conduct.

Customer focus: we realize a healthy and lasting relationship with all our customers is possible. The focus is on the long-term.

Strategic Partnerships:

At African Tanacity we hold our objectives in high regards as we embrace high international standards based on good governance and compliance with one positive outcome, African Tanacity's success.

We understand if African Tanacity is successful, Africa is successful.

 Our company objective stand on pillars of:

Market Leadership

Understanding Customer requirements

Providing Quality and sustainability

Long Term Customer Relationship

Sustainability and customer satisfaction

Going the extra mile with passion to exceed customer expectations.

Strict on our standard of wines we select to ensure product sustainability and consistency.

Our Commitment to our customers:

We promise to always value you, our customers, from all walks of life and to sustain our relationship by enhancing and maintaining our partnerships with our suppliers, wine and craft producers. We aim to grow African Tanacity, as we cultivate and voice our African culture and heritage for our societies.

We pledge to do this sustainably and responsibly with well-trained and delighted employees who respect the basis of all financial stability, happens when we all unify and submit ourselves to sustainable growth.