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Making the journey from vineyard to table as smooth as quality class in every glass served!

Boutique Wines & Craft Spirits

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Craft Spirits

New Arrivals to our Shop

  • Claro Vodka 500ml


    Claro vodka is a triple distilled, micro-batch, premium vodka. It is a corn-based spirit getting its defining characteristics from the process in which the product is softened and diluted. We use the cleanest, most mineral-rich water source in South Africa, Schoonspruit. The flavour and mouthfeel are unmistakable.

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    Claro Vodka 500ml

  • Whistler African Style Dark Rum 750ml


    It’s dark. Which, based on the name and its rich, golden-brown colour, should already be pretty obvious. It’s also from the Free State, so don’t mix it with anything cheap, or it might smack you. Whistler Dark Rum, Whistle your own tune. 43% Alcohol Content.

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    Whistler African Style Dark Rum 750ml

  • Whistler Rum Spiced 750ml


    A massive over-achiever and shameless show-off. A bit like that oke in school that you mocked for doing extra homework, who now drives a nicer car and dates a sexier lady than you, but you pretend to be happy for him when you run into him at the shops, even though you’re actually jealous. Whistler Spiced Rum… Whistle your own tune. 43% Alcohol Content.

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    Whistler Rum Spiced 750ml

  • Gin’ugtig – Zesty Citrus 9 Botanical Gin – 750ml


    Gin’ugtig, what a mission! – Literally started brewing this baby in our garage from scratch and now we have this lekker small batch gin! This gin can be enjoyed by a braai and a more tight event, super flexible.

    Be classy, but stay lekker né?

    Aromatic pink grapefruit zest and sweet orange zest dominate, with light coriander and juniper notes.

    GIN’UGTIG Zesty Citrus 9 Botanical Gin contains: Juniper Berries, Coriander, Angelica Root, Indonesian Cinnamon, Dried Ginger, Nutmeg, Hibiscus, Grapefruit peel and Sweet Orange peel

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    Gin’ugtig - Zesty Citrus 9 Botanical Gin - 750ml

In Brief

Our Services

African Tanacity is a sales & distribution, logistics, and warehousing company,
located in Centurion,
in the heart of Gauteng.


African Tanacity is a Boutique Wine and Spirits sales and distribution company. We are proud brand ambassadors for various boutique wine farms and craft distillers.


We offer customized Warehousing Solutions tailored to the needs of the Wine and craft Spirits industry. Our warehouse space offers ambient & high value storage to the farmers and distillers.


We represent our clients in the On-Consumption and Off-Consumption Trade, at customers, Shows and Fairs. Our promoters are carefully selected with discernment as they also represent our clients at Retailers and the Hospitality Industry.


Distribution areas for the On & Off Consumption market are within 60kms of our warehouse. These areas include, but are not limited to: Greater Johannesburg, East Rand, West Rand and Greater Pretoria.

Complementary Services

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To complement our services we provide Event Management, Wine and Craft Spirits Tastings & Food Pairings. The success of this has led us to provide various large companies with Corporate Gift Sets, Team Building events carefully crafted with a premium selection of our boutique wines and craft spirits. We thus have a well-developed shared services structure that incorporates Events Management, planning, Catering, promotions, logistics, Sales and Distribution, Warehousing. We also provide instore activations, promotions as well as our Mobile Pop Up Bar Services.

Who We Are

About Us

Our journey began in 2018, when Michelle Van Zyl had the vision to build African Tanacity into a Sales and Distribution Company of international standards.

African Tanacity is one of the first, 100% female-owned and managed sales and distribution companies with a BBBEE level 4 status. We embarked on a distribution journey with our suppliers in 2018. Our Founder, Michelle van Zyl, started African Tanacity in 2018. Success was rewarded early in August 2019, when Michelle was awarded 2nd prize for South African Small Business start-up women owned business 2019.


In our story, Michelle revives our similarities in oneness and heralds our heritage in differences through the range of quality boutique wines, craft spirits and quality medical protective equipment. At African Tanacity, we are proud to be African. We are proud to serve our customers quality and class in every glass. Our company’s head office is in Centurion, Gauteng.

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Boutique Wines & Craft Spirits

African Tanacity is home to many of South Africa’s leading and best-loved boutique wines and craft spirits.
Our extensive portfolio includes more than 120 brands and spans a range of different categories.
Our single minded purpose is the growth and development of our brand exposure to the market.

Boutique Wines

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