Collection: Inah Non-Alcoholic

Certified Halaal by the Muslim Judicial Council

Each one of our Inah Superior Grape Juices contains the unique and subtle flavours of the wine cultivar grapes, in a juice that contains absolutely no alcohol. Through our unique natural extractions process, we have released all the nutrition found in wine grapes into Inah giving it not only the complexity of flavours found in wine, but also its health benefits and none of the side effects of alcohol.

Inah offers an alternative to wine. It is prestigious in taste, as it is in appearance being the perfect addition to any dinner table. Inah superior Grape Juice is made from 100% pure cultivar grapes; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. No sugar is added. The sweetness is naturally obtained from the glucose and fructose contained naturally in the grape.