Collection: FLAWSOME


Something, that lives beyond its flaw, because it’s simply just so awesome!

“Where imperfection walks onto the stage, blows the crowds minds and becomes the next level of perfection!”

Much the way in which we all have a unique fingerprint – so we all have our unique qualities and differences. Some of them may be regarded as beautiful and beneficial and others may be regarded as flaws… We take a deeper look at this because there is nothing more powerful in this world than turning your flaw or that of another into something awesome!

– That’s why it’s called Flawsome!

Family values are very important to us. We take matters like integrity, compassion and empathy seriously. Therefore, in order for us to bring these values into the business, as a credible and measurable goal, we have involved our whole family in looking into the purpose and needs of a charitable cause. None was more befitting – especially in relation to the meaning of Flawsome than the SMILE Foundation.

Our commitment to this initiative is stamped on each label – in the form of our own fingerprint! (Francois, Ilze, Lana & Jandre).