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African Tanacity

SONDER - Dry White

SONDER - Dry White

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Taste Profile 

This Chenin dominated blend will definitely make you scratch your head. Tropical, guava and papaya flavours complimenting each other in this medium bodied wine meant for enjoyment alongside the pool or with food. Do not scratch your head to long to decide how you would like to enjoy this wonderful wine. When in doubt sip! Dominant Flavours - Tropical Flavours 



This was initially about me – the founder and creator of Sonder wines. (Francois van Zyl) but as you compare your own experience of starting from scratch – so it becomes about you as well.

How did my story unfold? I was struck by the unexpected! I lost my job in which I had sadly invested all my dependence, and the only way to get back up was to make it my mission. I had to start from scratch.

This is also the first wine to be released under the Sonder brand range of wines – thus we’ve given it the task of leading our name and products into the market – with the vital purpose of setting us off to a good start – after a bloody good scratch!

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