Company Overview

We are home to many of South Africa's leading and best-loved boutique wines and export quality spirits. Our extensive brand portfolio features over 180 unique brands, all with the single-minded purpose of growth and development. Our range of products includes fine boutique wines, spirits: vodka, rum, gin, liqueurs and  imported beer, as well as olive range, all of which can be selectively gift-wrapped for corporate and personal gifting.

As a 54 female-owned and managed company and 51% Blacked owned with BBBEE level 2 status, we take great pride in our shared services structure that includes events management, cellar management, promotional department, sales, distribution, warehousing, and mobile pop bar services. Our export division allows us to take advantage of our scale and bring our unique products to international markets.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the best quality products and services at market-related prices is evident in our two offices, located in Centurion, Gauteng, and Somerset West, Western Cape. We believe that every experience with African Tanacity should leave a lasting impression, and that's why we strive to delight our customers in every "class in a glass".

Our company name, "African Tanacity", means "African embrace or grip". As true born-and-bred Africans, we believe that our firm grip on every handshake not only uplifts and inspires our customers but also embodies our passion for our people and our determination to build strong business relationships.

African Tanacity's history is rooted in the rich, diverse culture of Southern Africa. Our natural resources provide a unique, passionate genre of different people from all walks of life, all blending together into one unified African heart. Like our wines, our grapes and olives are picked, gathered, and handled with tender and great care, always with great African Tanacity authenticity. Every bottle and jar represents a unique grapevine or olive, hinting at our rich African heritage and the struggles we've overcome to get to where we are today. At African Tanacity, we believe that love changes everything and that's why we tell a story in every glass, and in every hand-packaged range, we offer.

At African Tanacity we hold our objectives in high regards as we embrace high international standards based on good governance and compliance with one positive outcome, African Tanacity's success.

We understand if African Tanacity is successful, Africa is successful.

Our company objective stand on pillars of:

  • Market Leadership
  • Understanding Customer requirements
  • Providing Quality and sustainability
  • Long Term Customer Relationship
  • Sustainability and customer satisfaction
  • Going the extra mile with passion to exceed customer expectations.
  • Strict on our standard of wines we select to ensure product sustainability and consistency.
  • Business Incubation Programmes



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