Collection: Gin'ugtig Gin


The story of Gin'ugtig
Gin’ugtig is a Small Batch Gin that was first brewed in September 2018 by Ryno and Liesl Louw. Like most Gin enthusiasts, Ryno and Liesl are very social people, and were part of a “Ginsdag” (Ginsday) club, where couples would each bring a craft gin, which everyone then tasted. Instead of buying craft gin, the engineer inside Ryno kept wondering if there wasn’t a way of bringing an original gin to the gathering, (and Liesl had refused that he propose brandy evenings instead of gin evenings) – and so, Gin’ugtig was born. Gin’ugtig was initially distilled in a home-made stainless steel keg with 30L capacity, and a two-inch copper reflux column. Once they realised that they had a winning recipe, the Louws imported a proper 100L still in August 2019. This new still had a four-inch glass column, which highly enhanced Gin’ugtig’s taste. Bored with being locked down in 2020, the Louws expanded their gin manufacturing into a fully-fledged business. This gin can be enjoyed by a braai and a more tight event, super flexible. Be classy, but stay lekker né?